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Natalya Merkusheva

Natalya Merkusheva

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Natalya Merkusheva

Natalya Merkusheva

Natalya Merkusheva


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What Other People Saying about Natalya and her Business

“I had a business and hired a bookkeeper, who was recommended to me by established accountant. After million phone calls and babysitting this bookkeeper, and being penalized by Revenue Canada, I fired her.
Someone recommended Natalya to me. My first thought was, "Not another bookkeeper, another mess." It was not the case, she straightened all the previous mess, and I didn’t have any issues with CRA anymore. When Natalya didn’t know something, she did her homework, and got it right,”
Laura Tkachanko

“I have been working as an independent contractor, and during the last tax season Natalya helped me to file my Tax Return. She gave me very clear explanation of expenses that I could claim. I appreciated her advice very much,”
Roza Krassor

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"Natalya's Bookkeeping"


The Natalya's Bookkeeping Company is based in Kamloops, BC and operated by Natalya Merkusheva. She knows how stressful running a small business can be, as the owner has to juggle so many things while wearing so many different hats. This is why she is committed to providing stress free bookkeeping to her clients.

Natalya Merkusheva moved to Kamloops twelve years ago and fell in love with this beautiful city and area. It reminded her of the beautiful places, such as Issyk-Kul Lake that she used to visit with her daughter when they lived in Kazakhstan.
She worked most of her life in the field of science including analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry and more. Unfortunately, work with chemicals in the laboratory setting was very unforgiving, and she developed allergy, and couldn't continue in the field, even though it was her calling.

After some deliberation and research, and assisting a friend with bookkeeping, she realized that bookkeeping was her new calling. After getting advice from other accountants, she decided that she was very suited to this profession.

So, she went to Sprott Shaw Community College and got her Diploma in Business Administration with Honours. Her first real bookkeeping and tax preparation job was with Liberty Tax Services, where she learned many new tasks by working with most experienced specialists.

Since then she acquired a base clientele, and is looking forward to working with new clients.

Natalya is known to be very efficient, precise, punctual, honest, always on task, yet kind-hearted person, who enjoys spending time with friends and family. She also likes camping and going to watch shows at the Sage Brush Theatre.
She is in the process of growing her own business, and she is ready to serve new clients.