Client Referral Program from home-based bookkeeping business

Affiliate Commissions:

Tax Clients - $10.00 per person
Bookkeeping Clients - $50.00 per person
Applications Clients - $5.00 per person
Other services Clients - $5.00 per person

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Referral Client is:
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Requested services:
File Income Tax
Assistance with the application
Assistance with the bookkeeping software
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Price List for Services

Prepare and file Tax Return per person:
Student, who filed Tax Return before, and has no income - $40.00
Student, who never filed Tax Return before - $40.00
Student, who has some income - $45.00
Working person, pensioner - $55.00 - $65.00 (depends from the amount of the paperwork)
Person, who has investments, that has to be calculated - $70.00 - $80.00 (depends from the time spent on the calculations)
Small Business, or self-employed person - $120.00 - $150.00 (depends from the amount of the paperwork)
Bookkeeping Service – starts from $45.00 per month (depends from the amount of the paperwork)
Applications – starts from $30.00 per application (depends from the amount of the paperwork)

Client Referral Program

Many of my customers, for whom I filed Tax Returns, referred their friends to my business. They were feeling very good about my service, its accuracy, and free advice about their personal financial situations, confidentiality, and stress free environment. I showed my appreciation for their time to do these referrals and paid for it.

In 2017 I decided to start the Affiliate program and invite more people to do referrals. I will pay cash for any referred client, who would do service with my business. The method of payment would be either Interac Transfer or PayPal. You don’t need to accumulate any minimal amount of money on your affiliate account, you will be paid the affiliate commission as soon, as you client signed up with our company, and started to obtain our service.

What type of clients do I expect?
• For filing Tax Returns, I would expect individuals from Kamloops, BC and other places of British Columbia and Alberta, because I accept the information through the telephone and the Internet. I can do Tax preparation for the individuals (pensioners, students, single people, families with kids), self-employed people, small businesses and rentals.
• If your business is incorporated, then I apologise, because I don’t do this type of Tax Returns.
• For bookkeeping - any small business would be welcome. I already have the experience with the hairdressers, the seamstresses, the teachers of the yoga classes, the web designers, the trade’s people from the construction field, but through my college education I was trained to do the bookkeeping for the variates of the different businesses.
• For the different government applications (OAS, CPP, passport, GST, children’s benefits, citizenship, American’s trans-border forms and other) - any individual would be welcome.
• For the assistance with the bookkeeping software (Quick Books, Sage (Simple Accounting) – any small business.
• I can speak English and Russian, and provide the explanations in any of these languages.

Your referred client would have the opportunity to have 20 minutes free consultation and ask all questions before to decide about our service.

Sincerely yours,
The owner of the Kalamelka Production Bookkeeping Company – Natalya Merkusheva
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